school district services

Requests for Proposals (RFP)

We will prepare an RFP that addresses your specific requirements and expectations.  But it doesn't end there.  We can also manage the RFP process through from design to implementation.  No other transportation consulting company can provide you this service and expertise to insure success and hold your suppliers accountable.


We have worked directly with the major suppliers of technology to the transportation industry for many years and actually helped design higher standards and safety solutions in their products.  From routing solutions software to on-board communication and passenger management systems, we have the personal knowledge to find the most cost effective solution.


One of the top three expense items in transportation is maintenance.  Our maintenance services include auditing and examining current maintenance practices in regards areas such as:

  • ‚ÄčPreventive Maintenance Standards and Efficiency
  • Parts acquisition and cost
  • Warranty Return
  • Safety (both shop and vehicles)
  • Manpower Analysis
  • Shop Setup and Tooling


Do you currently utilize the most advanced driver training material available?  We have worked with several providers of safety material and conducted hundreds of training classes for both drivers and monitors as well as management.  Safety training must be interactive and we believe our process and material is the best of the best.


Another top three transportation cost item is labor.  The recruitment of drivers and monitors is becoming more difficult and our experience will help you tap into this competitive, often part-time, labor force to attract and retain the right people for the right jobs.  


Do you know if you are getting the best deal possible when purchasing new equipment?  We have negotiated pricing with suppliers across the country representing vehicles, parts, technology, software, fuel and just about everything needed to operate a transportation operation.  

Routing and Route Efficiency

Routing software has come a long ways over the past several years and we have relationships and access to nearly every major brand.  But the software is only as good as the training and knowledge of those utilizing it.  We can access your current system and make sure you are getting the most out of it.  

Board and Public Presentations

One thing that experience has taught us is that all the good ideas in the world are not possible without the support and approval of those with overall responsibility to the communities that you serve.  We have given literally hundreds of speeches and presented documentation to support possible changes to an existing transportation system.  We understand the often political side of these decisions and have vast experience at handling the issues that arise.  We never make recommendations that lesson the responsibility of what you do and we are always by your side when suggested changes are implemented.  

Training  and Leadership

Regardless of the role, we have training solutions available.  From executive level positions through middle management and front line staff, we can personalize or provide broader training at every level within each of the areas of transportation management we impact.