our process

We start with a no-fee introductory meeting to discuss your specific needs or transportation related concerns.  We will explain our company's capabilities and jointly determine if our solution ideas meet with your expectations.  If not, there is no obligation on the part of you.  


At the start of all new engagements, we will provide to a working plan and timeline for the project.  As many projects will include the use or knowledge of your own internal resources, we will be specific as to what information will be needed as not to take you away from your own business responsibilities.


  • ​A preliminary, no cost or obligation, discussion of your specific concerns and our capabilities to address.
  • Followed up with an in-depth analysis of the project and introduction to the "planning" phase of project management.
  • Solutions development that will be vetted through your desired resources and validated by our industry experts.
  • On-going communication, updates and progress measurements.
  • Project follow-up:  Results verses expectations!