note from the president

As President and Founder of ‚ÄčTransportation Advisory Group (TAG), my sole mission is to help relieve the strain that many school districts budgets are facing daily.

With five children of my own and constantly reading about teacher layoffs, program cuts and the reduction is services for our children (and parents) my goal is to use the experience I gained while working for (2) Fortune 500 companies and later with over 300 districts on their student transportation costs and expand these savings opportunities into other non-curriculum operational areas.  I think that both in-house and outsourcing (contracting) have their advantages and we will help you decide which is best for your particular situation.  Additionally, the procurement of products and/or services is extremely time consuming and fortunately not the core focus of our educators.  My team, which is made up of other industry experts and myself, have the experience and industry contacts to insure that each district is receiving the absolute best product(s) at the best prices available.

Here at Transportation Advisory Group, we are determined to find ways to ease the strain on school budgets and allowing our educators to do what they know best.

Our company may be new but our experience is is far from it.  With well over 60 years of proven operational and financial successes, we know that there are often hidden areas of savings that individual school districts have been unable to tap in to.

‚Äč- Charlie Bruce, TAG President and Founder