contractor services

Maintenance Audits

Are you running the most efficient, cost effective and safety focused maintenance operation?  Our maintenance expertise can help you determine these answers and help implement improvements which will make a positive impact to your bottom line and improved reliable customer service.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Thinking about buying or selling a company?  We can assist in identifying buyers and sellers, valuing the company, negotiating a purchasing agreement and even integrating the operations and cultures.


We stay on top of the latest technology that impacts your industry.  From software that can help you manage your business to on-board tracking and security devices.  We have relationships with most suppliers and can demonstrate the benefits and capabilities.


Are you getting the best service and pricing possible through your after-market and OEM suppliers.  Our competitive market purchasing analysis will validate your existing purchasing agreements or assist in establishing new buying options. 

Labor Negotiations

Labor negotiations do not need to be hard.  At TAG, we have over 25 years experience with labor negotiations and completing agreements that meet the operational demands of your business while maintaining engaged and productive employees. 

Union Campaign Management

Union campaigns take time and experience to guarantee the right outcome but it takes resources and time that you don't likely have.  We can manage the campaign on behalf of your company and build the necessary relationships and lines of communication to insure a successful outcome.


Generally considered a weak area in most companies and yet one that employees value most.  We will listen to your specific needs and offer various forms of training that can impact most areas of your business.  This training is tailored to your specific needs.

Structure Assessments

Not sure if your current company structure is right?  Our team has seen literally hundreds of organizational structures and we know how to make recommendations based on your organizations specific priorities.  Customer and employee touch points as well as individual span-of-control and capabilities should be factored into these decisions.  Let our team help you learn how.

Safety Audits

There is nothing more important than safety.  From driver safety and training to shop safety and organization, we can provide services ranging from an audit of your current state to complete cultural shifts within a company.